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The News Group distributes more than 4500 different magazines and well over 10,000 book titles. The News Group's broad reach and large infrastructure across North America effectively receives, processes, delivers and tracks over 1 billion periodical copies each year.

Since 2005, I have been the primary point of contact and played an integral part of launching a nation wide online system to The News Group.  I manage all software development (over 1 million lines of code) to ensure the management system  continues to communicate and provide merchandiser information and category management tools to present current features, best-selling titles, updates, shelf life, etc.

My responsibilities include:

Primary point of contact Microsoft SharePoint Integration
Technical Support Managed Projects
Support Marketing Group Manage Software Development
Technology Training Website Application Maintenance
SQL 2003 Maintenance Server and Backup Maintenance

The News Group utilized the application to support customers such as:


My Expertise

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