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Reference for Souk Oun,

I have known Souk for a number of years and throughout that time I have always been impressed by several qualities of Souk’s:

He has a solution-oriented approach to everything – He exudes a willingness to truly help and finds the solution to a problem, quicker than expected.

He has honesty and integrity – I always feel as if I am getting the straight-up truth of the situation, which I find is somewhat rare in a field where people can take advantage of the fact that they have expertise far beyond someone else.

He is knowledgeable – He understands how things work and if there is something technical he is unsure about, he gets the answer.

He explains things – He shares his knowledge in a manner in which helps understanding

He cares about my business – If you’ve ever had someone try to fit a round peg into a square hole and tell you it will work great, then you know the frustration of someone not caring about your business. Souk ensures he goes through a thorough discovery prior to applying a solution to a problem.

I enjoy working with Souk, our interaction has always been positive even when there are business challenges to overcome and I value the relationship we’ve developed over the years of working together.

Anita Baldwinson
Marketing Manager - Canada
The News Group


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